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In San Jose, CA, a lot of locals have misconceptions regarding earwigs. They believe these pests are incredibly dangerous because they’ll burrow in their brains. Although earwigs can cause serious problems, they’re typically not dangerous to people. Earwigs have cerci or horny appendages around their abdominal area. They can use their cerci to pinch people, but they’re not going to break the skin. The cerci can be as long as a third of the earwig’s body. While some earwigs have wings, others do not. Earwigs have brown or reddish-brown bodies. The Saint Helena Giant Earwig is one of the largest earwigs in the world.

It can grow up to three inches in length. It is one of the 900 species of Dermaptera around the world.

Primary Causes Of Earwigs

Earwigs tend to enter homes when the temperatures change. They want to be inside when the weather gets hot and dry. They prefer to be hiding around war, dark, and damp locations. Earwigs are tricky and intelligent. They can easily slip through the smallest cracks and enter your homes. Once they’ve found a way inside, they’ll have access to a wealth of suitable hiding places. One thing to remember is that earwigs are nocturnal. Therefore, they tend to hide during the day and work at night. During the night, they’ll come out and feed on arthropods and plants.

If you have fleas or mites, you’re at a higher risk of experiencing an earwig infestation.

Earwig Risks

Earwigs are going to be a nuisance in your home. However, you can rest assured knowing these pests aren’t going to make you ill. While they can pinch people with their cerci, they’re not going to lead to problems. They’re not powerful enough to cause any reason damage. Plus, they’re not going to inject venom into your body. Earwigs are destructive though. They can damage plants and gardens. They’ll also damage your precious blossoms.

Getting Rid Of Earwigs Correctly

Have you found earwigs in your home? If so, it is time to act. Don’t delay because the problem isn’t going to disappear on its own. Instead, it will continue to worsen with time. When you’re ready to deal with the problem, you can try keeping them away from your home. Stop all light from existing through your door or window. Switch to sodium vapor yellow lights too. These lights are less attractive to these pests. Despite doing this, earwigs may still invade your property. Call us and let our technicians deal with the problem for you. We’re not going to stop until every one of them is gone.

We’ll Get Back To You

We’re eager to hear from you. When you’re ready, call us. Our friendly customer service representative will contact you back within 24 to 48 hours.

Safe Earwig Solutions

We’ll do everything in our power to keep you safe. Besides using the latest EPA-registered products, we’re going to use these products carefully. Our technicians sincerely care about your safety. We require our technicians to follow the strictest protocols to guarantee your safety. Plus, we’re going to protect your loved ones, pets, and belongings. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you have.

Preventing Invasions Of Earwigs

Preventing pests from invading your home will prove to be very difficult. It is vital to properly seal your exterior walls. If you have holes in your outer walls, these pests are going to end quickly and easily. Seal these holes to prevent earwigs from entering your residence. Don’t forget to keep your yard clean and tidy. You can also try switching your lights to sodium vapor yellow lights. Use this advice to ensure that earwigs do not invade your home. If they do, we’ll be here to help.

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