Mosquitoes might be a summer pest, but when you live in a beautiful area like San Jose with a warm climate, it’s a problem you must worry about year-round. And with so many mosquito-borne illnesses it doesn’t help matters. It only shows how important it is to stay as vigilant as possible to reduce bites. Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to reduce your risks entirely, but you can reduce your risks. And that is something that you need to practice whenever possible.

Since we have opened our doors to the public, we’ve been practicing mosquito detection and elimination. Over these years we learned some truly unique and important information. Information that only contributes towards our efforts. This information we are more than willing to share with our customers. Whether you are seeking preventive assistance, have an infestation you need eliminated, or just want to learn more about this flying vampire, we offer what you need.

Our techs are highly trained and have access to the latest technology. We constantly ensure that our techs attend continued education classes regarding mosquitoes. You be surprised at just how much this flying nuisance has adapted and evolved over the years. We make sure our techs are prepared to deal with this evolution. In addition to this, we provide them with the best tools for the job. Simply put, we want to offer the residents of San Jose the best of the best, and we truly believe that’s what we do.

We have now added a follow-up visit to all our basic programs. This is a visit that comes 30 days after the application of the treatment. This visit is a reevaluation of the property, ensuring that we have eliminated your problem. Just another of the many things that makes our services different is we offer preventive information. We don’t just offer tools to help you remove your mosquito problems. We give you the tools and information to keep your property mosquito-free.

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