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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Although everyone is exposed to the threat of the bed bug, it is the traveler who is the most exposed. Most people don’t give it a second thought, given that the traveler spends little time in various locations. Bed bugs are extremely opportunistic and rapid parasites. It doesn’t take them long to work their magic. In addition to this, it is the various locations that do not help. It’s like playing the bed bug lottery. Making matters worse is the fact that these creepy crawlers have become master hiders and hitchhikers. This being the case, it is prudent to practice good bed bug preventive measures.

Do Your Research

When it comes to bed bug prevention, there is no better tool than the Internet. Just remember to be careful because it is filled with a wealth of misinformation as well. However, the Internet is an invaluable tool for reviews and research. If you have a destination in mind, you can research the area for bed bug sightings. If you are an overly prepared traveler, you can go as far as to read reviews about the hotel you are considering. See if guests have reported any recent encounters. You best believe someone will have reported such an incident.

Pack Bed Bug Cautiously

A good quality suitcase can go miles to deterring bed bugs. Just because these stealthy invaders access your suitcase, it doesn’t mean you need to let them contaminate your clothes. A bag with a good zipper mechanism accomplishes the task of deterring unwanted guests. You will still have to be cautious if your bag contains outside pockets, which most designs do. Consequently, a good preventive measure for this is a plastic bag. You can place the luggage inside a plastic bag. If deemed necessary, you can even put your clothes in plastic before packing them.

Never Assume And Practice Due Diligence

The biggest mistake travelers can and do oftentimes make is assuming. It makes sense to assume because you are paying top dollar, you wouldn’t have to worry about creepy crawlers. Sadly, this is only practical in a perfect world. As well, you might have your luggage sealed like Fort Knox, but never assume. Bed bugs can be relentless. You’ll want to be sure to take the time to thoroughly inspect the room. Even if you are staying for a few hours to catch some shut-eye, you should be thorough with your inspection. A visual inspection can uncover a lot, but a thorough physical examination is always preferable. With that in mind, it will only better your case if you know exactly where to look. Be sure to research known bed bug hiding locations before venturing out. Along with all of this, you’ll want to continually perform inspections of the room. Never assume all is well because you haven’t encountered a sighting after a few days. One must remember, bed bugs are master sleuths.

The Exit Strategy

With home insight, it can be easy to get ahead of oneself. This would be a major mistake when dealing with bed bugs. If you have inadvertently exposed yourself the last thing, you’ll want to do is introduce them into your home. You can prevent this by practicing further diligence. Don’t just check your luggage and clothes and call it a day. Access everything! Washing the clothes in hot water followed by a high heat drying is another good strategy. Remember, these are all also things that can be done upon returning home. However, when performing these tasks in the home, you always run the risk of accidentally exposing yourself.

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