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Professional Flea Pest Control San Jose CA

Do you have pets being plagued by fleas? If so, you need to take the appropriate action now. Even the slightest delay could complicate things for you and your pets. Did you know the flea is a parasitic insect? As a parasite, the flea feeds on blood from a breathing, living host, such as an animal. Fleas target a whole host of animal species, including the deer, canine (dog), ferret, squirrel, fox, rat, opossum, and feline (cat). Some species of wild birds are also plagued by fleas.

Along with the flea, the tick is also problematic for the same animal species. Contrary to belief, domesticated pets, excluding birds, are at the same risk of flea encounters as wild animals. It is unfortunate when owners just assume their pets are 100 percent safe from fleas and ticks. This assumption will only put your pets at a higher risk of a flea encounter.

What Are The Common Signs Of A Flea Infestation?

The signs of a flea infestation should always be in the back of the pet owner’s mind. When you and your pet for a walk in the park, around the block, or in the back yard, fleas are not far away. These aggressive insects are preying on your cats and dogs. Your job is to keep them safe, which will not be possible if you are unwilling to accept the risks for your pets.

Knowing the commons signs of a flea infestation will be in your best interest. These signs include:

  • Live fleas in your pets’ fur, bedding, or living quarters
  • Pinpoint-sized red, itchy spots on your pets’ skin
  • Small fecal droppings called “flea dirt” in your pet’s bedding
  • Pet intermittently scratching, biting, and licking its skin

In a severe a flea infestation, some animals will shed their fur.

Do Fleas Carry Diseases?

Flea-borne illnesses impact both animals and humans. Plague, murine or typhus, cat scratch fever, tapeworm infection is just to name a few. The plague caused by the ground squirrel flea “Oropsylla Montana” impacts humans. The illness is spread through direct contact with an animal infected with infected ground squirrel fleas.

Murine or typhus is linked to an infected oriental rat flea “Xenosphylla cheopis” or cat flea “Ctenocephalides felis”. The illness is spread through the infected flea’s fecal droppings (flea dirt).

Flea-borne tapeworms impact both animals and humans. The condition is caused by the ingestion of infected fleas. Adults are at risk of flea-borne tapeworms. Since young children are more likely to play on flea-infested carpet, bedding, and other surfaces.

How To Eradicate Fleas?

It cannot be stressed enough the flea is one of the most obtrusive and aggressive insects. Pets have no chance of avoiding fleas when visiting infested areas, which is why it is even more important than ever to utilize deterrents. Flea deterrents will help keep fleas at bay. Unfortunately, these substances are not always enough to deter fleas from targeting domesticated pets.

Once your pets are infested with fleas, you can guarantee your home is next. A full-blown infestation is something no one wants to be left dealing with for their pets or family members. Over-the-counter pest control products are not always enough to fully exterminate a flea infestation.

Our professional flea management is ideal for mild to severe flea infestations. We combine an industrial-strength insecticide with adhesive traps. To learn more about our professional flea control services, we highly recommend reaching out to our San Jose extermination team.

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