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Professional Spider Pest Control San Jose CA

The spider is an “arthropod” with four sets of legs, fangs, a segmented body, and appendages. Most species of spiders are venomous. The “Uloboridae” family does not have glands that generate venom or poison, as some people like to call it. Spider venom varies in potency, with the Brazilian wandering spider, brown recluse, yellow sac, black and red widow spiders, camel spider, six-eyed sand spider, and hobo spiders are the most venomous species.

While most people view the daddy-long-legs as a harmless species of spider, it is one of the most venomous. The major difference between the daddy-long-legs and other venomous spiders is the length of the fangs. Scientists claim the spider’s fangs are too short to penetrate the skin of humans or animals. What many refer to as the “most venomous” spider in the world is less dangerous than other venomous species of its kind.

Why Are Spiders In My Crawlspace?

The spider is one arthropod drawn to dark, damp, and discrete hiding places. While the spider is drawn to this type of environment, it does not set out to infiltrate your crawlspace. In fact, entomologists believe spiders most often accidentally find their way indoors. With this out of the way, you need to understand why the spiders accidentally infiltrated your crawlspace. We can help you make this determination. With a visual inspection of your crawlspace, our exterminators will know how and why the spiders infiltrated your property.

What Is The Most Effective Spider Management Strategy?

We firmly believe it is in the property owner’s best interest to address spider infiltration immediately. Most San Jose residents do not have the knowledge to identify or differentiate between various spider species.

To identify specific spider species and differentiate between two or more spider species, you must know the physical characteristics of each. We believe it is possible to achieve a successful identification upon immediate detection of a spider. However, it will only be possible if you know the spider’s physical characteristics.

Our professional spider control targets all species of spider. It targets non-venomous and venomous spiders in San Jose. We strive to achieve full eradication of a spider infestation in the shortest duration. We can do this without compromising the client’s health and assets.

Do Spiders Pose Health Risks For Humans?

Yes, even a small spider is a health risk. However, it is possible to avoid these risks by identifying the species immediately upon the encounter. Of course, this will not be possible with the knowledge of the arthropod’s unique features.

Most species of spiders have glands that generate venom or poison. Spider venom is extremely dangerous to humans of all ages. Routinely inspecting your basement and crawlspace will definitely help keep you safe from spider bites. Between 1989 and 1993, less than 5,000 spider bites were reported by medical facilities across the United States. Fortunately, most of these incidences did not result in death.

According to evidence, only 1 out of about 50 million spider bites results in the death of humans.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Spider Inspection Request?

Our service requests are processed immediately upon receiving. However, it can take up to 48 hours to complete the process, depending on the demand for our services. Some spider species are problematic year-round, while others spend the winter in hibernation. This state allows impacted spiders to enter deep sleep at the onset of the winter season. This results in a longer lifespan in many cases.

Our San Jose customer support can be accessed via email, social media, and landline. We are available Monday through Friday and some weekends. Do not hesitate to reach out to our pest control experts with any questions or concerns you have about our spider management services.

What Is The Most Effective Spider Prevention Solution?

We believe it takes a combination of strategies to create a 100 percent safe proof environment against spiders. We also believe no spider prevention strategy will work without assistance from the occupants of the property. There are several ways you can help us make this transition. We suggest starting with the following tips:

  • Seal all access points utilized by spiders to infiltrate your home
  • Educate your family on the dangers of a spider infestation
  • Know over-the-counter spider bait is not always effective
  • Learn how to identify the most common spiders found in San Jose

Why Hire Us!

Our pest control company is locally owned and operated in San Jose. We employ pest control experts from our local communities. Our spider management services include consultation, with a free home inspection. We believe custom treatments offer a higher level of effectiveness when eradicating spiders.

Our pest control company is licensed with the State of California. We have an entire host of competitors in California. But none of them can even get close to offering the same high-quality pest control service.

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