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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

The one thing that most people know about bed bugs is they are excellent hiders. You likely also know they prefer to hide in the bed and feed when you are sleeping, hence their name. While this is common information, it honestly comes down to understanding why. Why are bed bugs such good hiders? Why do they prefer the mattress to most other hiding spots? It will be knowing this information that helps your elimination and detection efforts. It should be obvious as to why these invaders choose to remain hidden. They must as a means of survival. If they were in the open, you’d immediately know you have a problem and start removing it. As far are the reason they are such cryptic pests is that they try not to get spotted. These witty, little nuisances will adapt to various circumstances just to ensure they remain undetected. If necessary, they will completely change their sleep cycle to oppose that of yours. All of this might be interesting, but what it comes down to is, if you want to find these unwanted invaders on the property, it’s almost necessary to know where to look.

The Bed And Surrounding Locations

The bed is the most obvious hiding place for this creepy crawler. While most people know this pest takes up residence here, it doesn’t make locating them there any easier. This is likely because they like to burrow into the corners, get into the stitching, and under the tags. They’ll also do the same with your box springs. The headboards and footboards won’t be safe either. If there are cracks, gaps, or openings, you best believe the bed bug will get into them. These bugs can get into some of the tiniest openings. The best way to tackle the bed bug mattress problem is by vacuuming. Vacuum every inch of your mattress. A vacuum with a strong suction will be the key to getting at these bugs in these locations.

The Sheets And Linens

If these bedbugs are going to get into your mattress, it probably doesn’t surprise you that they’ll get in the sheets as well. In addition to getting into your sheets, they’ll get into your linens and drapes. We mention these together because they are similar situations. In these instances, there are no corners or stitching for the bedbugs to get into. This means if they are there, they’ll just be lying right on top of the material. Given their small size and reddish color, this won’t make them easier to spot, but it’s certainly easier than digging into corners and cracks. You can easily clear these situations up by washing the materials in hot water and then drying them on oh high heat. This also works for pillowcases, clothes, and other washable materials.

Rugs And Carpeting

Rugs and carpets are just two other common locations for these bugs. However, bed bugs don’t usually make these locations permanent. These are more like transient locations. They provide the bed bug with a quick stop-off point before they move on to something more permanent. They can quickly unlatch from your shoes or suitcases when you enter the home and hide in these areas until they can move onto greener pastures. Rugs and carpeting are also commonly found in the bedroom or by entranceways, which only helps the bed bugs case. Luckily, you can simply vacuum these areas with a common vacuum cleaner to clear up the infestation. Just be sure to dispose of the contents of the vacuum cleaner in a sealed bag several feet away from the home. This will ensure the bugs do not have a chance to escape and return.

Luggage And Suitcases

Speaking of luggage and suitcases, these pieces are quickly becoming more and more common hiding places for these unwanted invaders. When you think about it, the luggage and suitcase make an ideal home for this unwanted invader. It offers tons of hiding places within one. There are pockets, stitching, corners, and tons of other places these bugs can safely access. Removing them from these pieces will, once again, require the use of a powerful vacuum cleaner. Be sure to get every corner and deep in all pockets.

Nightstands And Other Bedroom Furniture

Nightstands are not only practical for the bedroom, but they are oftentimes necessary. They give you an additional place to store clothes, clocks, and little Knick-knacks. They also provide perfect environmental surroundings for the bed bug. They are safe, secure, dark, and close to hosts. Along with nightstands, there are other popular bedroom furniture pieces that bed bugs will take up residence in. They’ll get into couches and chairs. These locations stand to be more problematic, as they are like the luggage. They offer access to hundreds of potential hiding locations. Be sure to scour every inch of these items with a vacuum cleaner to effectively remove any bugs, eggs, and larvae.

Books And Electronics

Books and electronics make excellent entertainment sources for the bedroom. While there is nothing wrong with this, these two items are also infectable. As far as books go, bed bugs like to burrow into the spines and front covers. Yu won’t find them between the pages. Bed bugs will completely burrow into electronics, seeking warmth from the mother boards and other electrical components. This can be extremely problematic, as there is always the potential for shorts and other electrical damage. Removing these bugs from the items might require a more surgical approach but it is entirely possible. Be careful not to void any manufacturer warranties if you are plan on digging into your electronics, as this could end up being the case.

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