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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away

Essential OilsBed bugs can be a total nuisance. Once they invade the home, the car, or other environments, they become a complete hassle to remove. This is because most people don’t even realize they’ve been invaded until the numbers of the bedbugs are superior. Even knowing that your environment has been invaded does help that much. Removing these bedbugs can be a hassle period. This is because they are tiny, witty, and can cram themselves into some of the hardest to access places.

All in all, it really is best to prevent the bedbugs from invading the property, to begin with. Of course, this isn’t that easy to do either. As a professional pest management firm in San Jose, we’ll be the first to tell you that this can be nearly impossible. Regardless, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, and your effort won’t be worthwhile. Any little thing you can do to deter these bedbugs is certainly worth it and will prove so.

Essential oils have been the topic of numerous scientific studies. One specific study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture was conducted to determine the effectiveness of essential oils as a pesticide.

What the researchers uncovered was truly fascinating. However, like most repellents available today, these scents and oils are only so effective. One should never put all their efforts towards these types of products. This is not to say not to use them, or they aren’t effective. They’ve proven effective, but just don’t rely completely or solely on them. Instead, deploy a variety of deterrent methods.

With all that being said, one of the best tools you have for battling bed bugs is the pest management professional. We always have trained specialists standing by at our San Jose office ready to answer any questions you have. Whether you have questions, want to schedule a visit, or maybe want to learn more about deterrents, we want you to feel free to give us a call. There is no such thing as a bad question when it comes to these creepy crawlers.

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